Picking Up a New Hobby During COVID-19

Hobbies are a great way to learn something new while letting your mind wander. Since we’re stuck at home during the coronavirus, it’s a great time to start a new hobby! Hobbies take more attention when you first begin, so start yours today to have a hobby that outlasts quarantine. Continue Reading

Our Favorite Tips to Curating Your Personal Sense of Style

With more and more stores opening up across the United States daily, going shopping is almost impossible to ignore. Or if you’re enjoying all the online deals, now’s the perfect time to curate your personal sense of style. Having your own style is a great way to express your personality Continue Reading

Loungewear Styles to Keep you Looking and Feeling Good during Coronavirus

Let’s be honest… No one has worn ‘real’ clothes in months. Loungewear is everyone’s new go-to daily outfit. While loungewear is extremely comfy, it can leave you feeling unmotivated or not your best. That’s why it’s essential to wear loungewear styles that make you feel yourself. So here are some Continue Reading

Why the Minimalist Home Lifestyle Might Be For You

The minimalist home consists of just what’s necessary. The minimalist living room has a couch, a lounge chair, and maybe a tv but forgoes most of the items you typically find in a living room such as picture frames, mirrors, and decorative pillows. Having a minimalist home is more than Continue Reading

3 Coffee At Home Hacks

Since coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, it’s time to learn how to craft your perfect coffee all from the comfort of your home. Coffee is one of the simplest pleasures in life, but it will put a dent in your pocket if you’re only getting Continue Reading

TV Shows We’re Absolutely Loving This Summer

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise across several states, many of us are choosing to spend these warm summer days curled up in front of the television (or, you know, the laptop). Luckily, while TV content might end up being somewhat delayed this fall, there’s definitely no shortage of exciting Continue Reading

Why Yoga Should Be Your Next Family Activity

Yoga is much more than a trend. In fact, this ancient practice has been shown to help reduce stress and promote a healthy body. Children who participate in yoga poses and breathing exercises learn to manage their emotions and have better concentration. Some schools have even taken to using yoga Continue Reading

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer While Stuck at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many of us to change or cancel long-awaited vacation plans and activities. While this is certainly an unusual and even disappointing summer season, being stuck in your hometown doesn’t have to be boring. No matter where you are, make the most of your summer vacation Continue Reading

Even During a Lockdown, These Summer Trends Are Fire

Bored at home? Us too. There is only so much you can do when stuck at home on quarantine. People are picking up new hobbies, taking online classes, testing out their skills in the kitchen, taking on craft projects and even reinventing their style. Hop on these summer trends to Continue Reading

5 Healthy Midnight Snacks You Have to Try

You just finished binge watching your favorite TV show around 12:30 a.m. Then, hunger strikes. You saunter over to your fridge and snack cabinet to see what yummy snack you’ll devour. The oven dings and your pizza rolls are ready as you open the crisp bag of Doritos. The midnight Continue Reading