Fashion Tips: Finding Your Personal Style

Everyone is unique and has different preferences even in fashion. Following your personal style does not mean spending a lot. With more stores opening up across the United States daily, going shopping is very possible while enjoying the great deals online. It is now the perfect time to curate your personal sense of style. Having your own style is a great way to express your personality through clothes. Likewise, wearing something you look good at will boost your confidence! So, try these three tips to create your dream style. 

Understand your Body Type

Everyone’s bodies are different, so finding clothing that complements your body type will be beneficial when in the dressing room. You’re likely to hate something that doesn’t suit your body type, so do some research before hitting the stores. All body types are beautiful and understanding yours will make crafting your sense of style easier with a more pleasant experience. 

Pinterest It! 

Once you’ve identified your body type, head to Pinterest to discover what your favorite styles are. By searching “fashion,” you can save looks that appeal to you. Once you’ve accumulated a substantial Pinterest board, write down what colors and styles you pinned most. Another helpful tip is to search your body type to discover clothing that will enhance your natural features. After you have the perfect board, pick out some wardrobe pieces to buy on your next shopping trip. 


The most important part of curating your sense of style is making sure YOU love it! Clothes should make you feel good and yourself, so don’t worry about anyone else when crafting your style. Instead, think about what matters most to you. If comfort is your top priority, don’t waste your money on stilettos. On the contrary, if you want all eyes on you when you walk into a room, get the stilettos. To discover what matters most to you regarding your clothing, spend time reflecting on what clothes you wear most. Keep track of what clothing items and colors you radiate towards. After a few weeks of monitoring your favorite looks, you should have an idea of what is important to you. Once you do, you can perfect your sense of style.

Everyone’s sense of style is different because people have different priorities, personalities, and passion. Yours should exemplify who you are. Embrace it!