How to get a slimmer waist in weeks

Having the right motivation and mindset is always the best way to start and work on a certain goal. One of the goals that is always on the list is fitness — to have a healthier and sexier body. For men and women, the waistline is an important part of Continue Reading

How to squeeze in exercise into your busy schedule

Is finding extra time to exercise a challenge for you? It’s quite simple. It’s either you make the extra time or manage your time better. Making the decision to start exercising is always easy. You just make up your mind, say the words, and you’re done, right? Finding the time Continue Reading

Jade rollers – worth the investment?

Jade rollers are the hottest fashion accessories on the market right now. They are believed to have been invented since the 17th century by the Chinese and touted to have amazing anti-inflammatory effects alongside a host of other great skin benefits. They are supposedly able to reduce fine lines, decrease Continue Reading