Jade rollers – worth the investment?

Jade rollers are the hottest fashion accessories on the market right now. They are believed to have been invented since the 17th century by the Chinese and touted to have amazing anti-inflammatory effects alongside a host of other great skin benefits. They are supposedly able to reduce fine lines, decrease eye-puffiness, and even improve skin texture.

They are very similar to the paint roller, only with one significant difference. Jade rollers are made of solid stone, and they have rollers on both ends- one for larger places on the skin like the jaw, while the smaller one is for under the eyes.

The jade roller works its magic by stimulating the lymphatic system and help with the drainage of lymphatic acids. This should supposedly make all the difference. Jade roller can cost anywhere from around $6-$60.

How to use a jade roller?

You can use a jade roller by gently pressing it against the middle of your face and gently pressing it upwards/downwards and outwards. You generally want to keep going until you have rolled it across your entire face. The special thing about jade rollers is the great facial massages they give when you use them. The stone your roller uses doesn’t necessarily have to be made with actual jade; it could be made with from quartz too. It really doesn’t make any difference.

Untold benefits of jade rollers

The advantages of jade rollers are two folds, but a lot of people do not realize this. Jade rollers are capable of not only making our skin shinier, less puffy, and less wrinkled, they can also help you relax facial muscles and reduce stress.

Jade rollers are cold by default, and the natural temperature of these stones does help with inflammation in the long run, but it is also important to remember the calming effect that this stone could have. They could help you relieve stress and generally improve your mood.

Bonus tip

Use the fridge

You could also store the jade stones inside the fridge before you start with your session. The cold could make the massage more soothing and impactful.

Clean your jade roller after every use

A jade roller is a tool that you use to massage your face periodically. This means that it has to be clean and safe enough for each session. It can be hard to keep track of how many times you have used it if you opt to clean it after using it several times. We recommend that you clean it with soapy water after every use. That way you won’t forget or neglect proper hygiene.

Try using it with a sheet mask

Jade rollers can help smoothen your sheet mask each time you apply them. It will help smoothen out some of those parts of the sheet masks that don’t quite touch our faces each time we use them.

Do jade rollers work?

There is currently no medical evidence to back up all of the supposed benefits of this great fashion accessory. The only way of ascertaining if these stones have positive effects is by testing them out yourself. Nothing substantial has surfaced about these rollers, and they may have none of the benefits that they claim to have. It is also possible for the inverse to be the case.

Jade rollers massage the face and help relax tense facial muscles. They also improve blood circulation in the face and could aid lymphatic drainage. It is entirely possible that, with time, all the other benefits will emerge. It could take weeks, even months, for any of these so-called benefits  to physically show.

Should you spend money on jade rollers?

It’s important to remember that jade rollers are paint rollers with a stone instead of a roller. It would be too presumptuous to expect too much from a simple stone roller. They are fashion tools that are expected to help with inflammation. They are not the only solution to all your skincare problems.

Even though they might not be as efficient as the media would have you believe, they can be worth the price if you don’t spend too much on a single pair. They give great facial massage and make you feel fantastic. I think they are worth owning regardless of whether they produce the results that the fashion industry promises.