Why Yoga Should Be Your Next Family Activity

Yoga is much more than a trend. In fact, this ancient practice has been shown to help reduce stress and promote a healthy body. Children who participate in yoga poses and breathing exercises learn to manage their emotions and have better concentration. Some schools have even taken to using yoga in the classroom!

Physical exercise and personal connection is essential for all of us, and that’s especially true when the coronavirus has us spending so much extra time at home. At this point, you’re probably beyond ready for your kids to step away from their iPads and tablets. So, go ahead and have a family yoga session!


Try Group Yoga Poses with Your Crew

Did you know that yoga doesn’t have to be just an individual activity? There are actually many poses that you can do with your child! This is an incredible opportunity to bond with your kids and explore more of their personalities. Plus, they get to see a different side of you, too! 

Partner yoga offers moments of rare connection with your loved ones. You learn something new together. You have to work together to achieve a joint pose. You look directly into each other’s eyes, without the distraction of a smartphone. It’s also an incredible way to relax and unwind as a family. 

Have Fun with Yoga for Kids

There are many yoga videos available online to help guide your family as you explore yoga. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a particularly fun Youtube find that is a favorite in elementary schools and homes alike. Yoga sessions are inspired by different movies and television shows. Your kids will love having you go on these “yoga adventures” with them. 

Yoga Poses for Parents and Kids

Still not sure where to begin? Jumpstart your group yoga practice with these 3 poses. Of course, when practicing yoga outside of the studio, it’s especially important to always listen to your body and never make yourself go into a position that isn’t comfortable or feels wrong. 


  • Double Boat Pose. Sit face-to-face (great for connecting!), bend your knees, and then place your feet together, lifting them mid-way into the air to resemble a boat. Keeping your legs in between your arms, reach out to hold each other’s wrists. 
  • Family Tree Pose. To do a traditional tree pose, you balance the foot of your bent knee on your other thigh. Meanwhile, bring your hands together in a prayer position. This is usually an individual pose, but it’s so much more fun when you practice alongside your children or even balance your hands together. 
  • Lizard Sunbathing on a Rock. You sit on all-fours and then move back and down to have your bottom touching the heels of your feet as much as possible. Your forehead rests between your knees on your yoga mat and your arms drop by your legs. Your child, meanwhile, moves backward onto you, resting her back and head against your back. Practice deep, mindful breathing together for maximum relaxation. 


Looking for more family yoga resources? See if your local library is offering curbside pick-up services during the pandemic. You can enjoy yoga-themed children’s books and old school DVDs together, for free!